In re U.S. Trademark Application Serial No.: 77/129,912
Applicant:  Santa Cruz Tobacco Co., Inc.
Examining Atty:  David C. Reihner
Law Office:   111
Our Ref. No.:   130171.010100



, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, declares and says:

  1. I am .
  2. Since , I have been buying the GRAN HABANO cigar .
  3. The first time I tried the GRAN HABANO cigar was in . The reasons I continue to buy it is because .
  4. The first time I heard or read of the GRAN HABANO cigar was in in .
  5. I am aware there are a lot of brands of cigars in the marketplace with Cuba-related names that are made from Cuban-seed tobacco that is grown, cultivated and made in countries around the world. These cigars have been in the marketplace for many decades since the Cuban Revolution and cigar manufacturers fled Cuba.  Due to the widespread sale in the marketplace of cigars made from Cuban-seed tobacco, I have grown accustomed over the many decades to recognizing that cigars sold under Cuba-related names or brands that “evoke” the Cuban heritage and Cuban history of cigar making, but may not presently originate in Cuba. 
  6. GRAN HABANO cigars cost .
  7. I am and highly educated and I am always looking for specific cigar brands.  I usually seek the advice of the cigar store clerks or read about new and/or recommended cigar brands reviewed in cigar magazines such as Cigar Aficionado and Smoke. I am very careful and particular in the buying of my cigars.
  8. My background is .  I am not a native Spanish speaker.
  9. I am aware of the Cuban embargo by the United States and know that it is impossible to get Cuban cigars in the United States.
  10. Last year I bought GRAN HABANO Cigars. I knew the history of the cigar, where it was grown, and the tobacco blend it contained before I bought it. I know that GRAN HABANO cigars do not come from Cuba.
  11. I consider myself fairly sophisticated in regards to buying cigars. I have been buying cigars for some time and read a lot about the different ones that are coming out and their ratings. I have also taken some courses.
  12. I am very familiar with the plethora of cigar brands in the marketplace. 
  13. I  buy GRAN HABANO because of its quality, high rating, and great reputation and .
  14. The term “habano” in the GRAN HABANO brand has not been a material factor in my decision to purchase GRAN HABANO cigars. Rather, I have purchased GRAN HABANO cigars because of  their .

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed on:    September 24, 2022 



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