Azteca Fuerte Review


Cigar: Azteca Fuerte

Maker: Gran Habano

Size: Torpedo 6/52

Prelight Inspection: Here we have a nice oily maduro wrapped cigar. After taking off the cedar sleeve I can see that the wrapper is placed very well with small/hardly visible veins and and nice tight roll. The Azteca band is identical to the boxed as is the wrapper and binder. Overall this looks like a very well made cigar. After giving it a slice with the trusty Palio the draw is perfect. A very nice buttery aroma is present on the cold draw.

1st Third: Right away I’m getting tons of smoke on the draw laced with sweet earthy notes. There is a touch of spice in the sinuses but overall it is starting off very smooth. About a quarter inch in it is already picking up a toffee note near the finish. The smoke is really coating my palate and giving it a smooth buttery texture. Burn is progressing very well and nearing the 2nd third the ash is still holding on.

2nd Third: Still a ton of sweetness up front which is complimented nicely by the toffee which has now become the dominant flavor. There is also a cinnamon spice which has now crept up and lingers on the finish. The cigar is still quite smooth and buttery. This stick started in the Medium range and has now crept up into the Med/Full range. Burn is great. Ash held on for almost two inches.

Last Third: The cigar is definitely warming up a bit. Draw is still good though. The cigar has taken on a darker tone with the toffee changing over to espresso. The spice is also a little stronger now and leaves a very pronounced cinnamon flavor on the finish. I would definitely say that it is now in the full bodied range. Surprisingly it has not gotten bitter only stronger, so I will try to nub this one.

Conclusion: I have had the pleasure of smoking the boxed version of this cigar and as far as I can tell it is almost identical in construction and flavor. The wrapper is a shade or two lighter and it seems to burn a bit quicker. If I were to speculate I would say that at some point when the tobacco is sorted before rolling, some of the not so perfect leaves are set aside for this cigar. So basically, if you want the same smoking experience at well under half the cost then snatch some of these up pronto.

Rating: Flavor and Taste: 17/20

Construction: 10/10

Wrapper: 5/5

Price Point: 9/10

Would I buy a box: 5/5

Total: 46/50

The following review was brought to you by Straight Up Cigars: Read the original review here.

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